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Target to Gun Problem Solving

  • Developing focused, accountable, and doable strategies for businesses facing a threat, needing a increasing in market share, or to create legitimacy to a specific audience.

  • Defining and managing a strategy in a crisis moment.

  • Creating and executing new finance options.

  • Becoming a transformational business.

  • Identifying obstacles to success; what you can and cannot control; areas requiring collaboration and/or innovation, and those requiring a political/policy change.  

  • Examining current challenges: government, cost control, diversified revenue strategies and meeting consumer expectations.


Building Winning Teams


·     Analyzing the threats and opportunities to a current team.

·     Coaching current leadership.

·     Recruiting and leading a team of “doers” not “talkers.”

·     Employing the power of Culture Index.


Building Successful Business

  • Business Development – It all comes down to hiring talent, financing opportunities, and execution. Atkinson & Co. provides the leadership and the know-how from idea to success, from defense to the offense, and from success to significance.  

  • Policy Threats—Atkinson and Co. have earned their political chops in local, state, national and international policy arenas.  We are brought in to do more than make bad policy go away, we provide new avenues to prevent bad policy from ever coming back. 

  • Strategic Implementation -- Developing strategies/perspectives anticipating and responding to a rapidly changing business and political environments while maintaining a commitment to the core mission. 

  • Consensus Building-- Problem-solving, conflict resolution, negotiation, meeting facilitation,and developing partnerships/coalitions.