Jason A. Atkinson

Jason A. Atkinson is a leader, filmmaker, a writer, and a public servant. After 14 years in the Oregon Legislature he took a sabbatical to make the film “A River Between Us” documenting the largest restoration project in US history: the Klamath River. He is a Rodel Fellow with the Aspen Institute, a commentator and speaker on a wide range of issues. Atkinson works in the executive suite of the corporate sector building focused teams in finance, branding and as a negotiator. He is also an accomplished storyteller with three books and various articles for Traveling Angler, Salmon Steelhead Journal and Steelheaders journal under his belt.  His work has been featured in the New York Times, 60 Minutes, Men’s Journal, MSNBC, to name a few.  He has an MBA from the Atkinson Graduate School of Management at Willamette University. 

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